In Store Daytona Prototype Series

June 17th, 2010

In Store Racer Daytona Prototype Series;

Note to racers; I have changed the total points to qualify for the championship to 12 points.

Please check with each store for race times and any rules concerning their track.
Great Traditions is
RC Refurb is
Race Wear in Maryland is on slot car illustrated in the club corner. 410-590-2153
Main Line Hobbies is

A point series for store tracks, 2 races per store. Racers need 12 points to qualify for the final race. Racers can race all races. No trophies for qualifing races. You are racing for points. $1.00 per entry fee will go to the cost of trophies for the final race.
Note; Motors and tires are not handed out. Tech inspection is done after the race, to the top 4 positions. If your car doesn’t pass tech inspection you don’t get points for that race.

Points per race;
1st place 6 points
2nd place 5 points
3rd place 4 points
4th place 3 points
any place 2 points

-Running Voltage: 12V DC
-Running Track: Store track, Main Line Hobbies is the combined 6 lane tracks.
-Fuel Management: optional if you have it. Main Line Hobbies, No.
-Cars Allowed: Racer Sideways Daytona Prototype
-Chassis: No Modifications Allowed. Any pod allowed. suspension kits allowed, spacers on body posts allowed.
-Body: Custom Paint Allowed, must have interior- Racer lexan allowed.
-Gears: Modifications Allowed, parts only.
-Bushings: Modifications Allowed, parts only.
-Wheels/Axle: Modifications Allowed, parts only. No F1 wheels.
-Tires: Only, No F1 tires. No Tire Treatments Allowed. May be Sanded. Great Traditions is silicone tires.  only.
-Electrical: Motor Noise Filter Not Required.
-Magnet: No Magnet.
-Motor: orange endbell, 21,500RPM only. Motor must have undamaged metal tabs. Cutting the shafts are allowed. No chemical additives to the motor (ex: voodoo drops) or other motor modifications allowed.
-Weight: Weight Allowed, interior only.
-Vehicle Ground Clearance: .040.
-Guide Blade: Modifications Allowed, parts only. May use any 1/32 manufactures braid. No chemical additives to the braids (ex: voodoo drops).
If it does not indicate above that it's allowed, it's not allowed
-House rules apply. Each store will manage their own race and have rules that pertain to their track. Please refer to each stores website or contact them by phone.

Championship Results:

1st Robert Kuss     121 laps
2nd Hugh Hampton    120 laps
3rd Robert Holt     118 laps
4th Geoffrey Powell 116 laps
5th Chris Chubbuck  116 laps
6th Dave Davis      115 laps
7th Lawrence Jordan 113 laps
8th Joe Rose, Sr.   109 laps
Congratulations to the winners and I thank everyone that participated.
I hope you liked the summer series. We should do this again next summer.
Please keep in touch with all the stores and talk about what to do next summer.
We can plan on the same or different cars. I have to change the points.
Les at Main Line Hobbies


Racers Points; (As of 7/17)

Bob Kuss.........29
Robert Holt......22
James Drayton....21
Ian Keck.........20
Chris Chubbuck...20
Bill Booz........19
Lawrence Jordan..16
Joe Rose, Jr.....15
Dave Davis.......15
Mike Rossbach....15
Joe Rose, Sr.....15
Hugh Hampton.....14
Reggie Simms.....13
Geoffrey Powell..12
___________The above 14 racers qualify for the final Championship ship on 9/18/2010.
James Cook.......10
Scott Keck.......10
T Dimarco-Mattos.10
Ricky DiMarco....10
Martin Dixon.....10
Arron Moore......8
Tom Smith........8
Rob Fleischmann..6
Jesse Nelson.....6
Nathaniel Nelson.4
Steve Horvath....4
John Ricci.......4
Lovette Owens....4
Mario Baskin.....4
Steve Booz.......2
Don Johnson......2
Caitlyn Dolch....2
Gery Bobst.......2
Zack Weissglass..2
Joseph Rosales...2
Thomas Grant.....2
Tony Easly.......2
Marcus Woodlyn...2
Pat C............2

From the 7/17 Race:

13' x 12' Lionel Layout

June 12th, 2010


Here are some pictures from a 13' x 12' Lionel Layout we recently built!


Philly Slot Track Rental at Main Line Hobbies

June 12th, 2010

Philly Slot Track Rental at Main Line Hobbies

You can come in during regular business hours and rent time to race slot cars. Store hours are posted on the front page of our website. We have 4 tracks and a drag strip. You can use any of the tracks unless there is a race using one of the tracks. There are multiple ways to rent time on any of our tracks:
Pay As you go:
- $10 Per half hour, per lane with your own cars.
- $18 Per half hour, per lane with our store cars.
Track Pass:
- $30 Per Track Pass (5 x half hour rentals) with your own cars. It is the equal to $6.00 per half hour. You can save the unused portion of the time card and return anytime to use the remainder of the card.
Store Memberships:
- Includes free unlimited track usage, racing entry fees and a 10% discount on any in store purchases.
- Single Membership $40 Per Month.
- Family Membership $60 Per Month.

Birthday Parties

June 12th, 2010

Birthday Parties and Private Parties

Private slot car parties are held in the store, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, during Mall hours. Hours are posted on the front page of our website.

I supply the cars and controllers. I run the races on one of our 6 lane tracks. I run a 1 minute race and then have the racers move over 1 position. We keep rotating the racers thru the 6 lanes. 12 racers, on a 6 lane track is the average amount of racers and it keeps the racers interested in the races. You can have more guests but the more racers the longer it takes to get them on the track.

We have had parties for more than 40 people and we run 2 different 6 lane tracks plus a drag strip, at an additional charge.

I allow food in the store. Although I only have small tables at the back of the store. It might be the best to have the food portion of the party at the Chick-fil-a, across the hall or at the food court for pizza or cheese steaks.

To schedule a private party, please call during normal business hours, 610-834-1600. The store hours are posted on the front page of our website. When you call, I ask for your name and phone number and you reserve the date. The cost is $125.00. for a 1 hour party. Payment is by cash or credit card only. Payment is due when you arrive for the party.

If you have any other questions please call us at 610-834-1600.

Well Then... Were Back!

June 12th, 2010




After a breif but rather violent hickup with our web server... Were Back!


We'll be rebuilding the posts in the blog over the next few weeks, so bare with us.  If you have an urgent question about race rules, E-mail or Call us!